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Raudel Fernandez is an attoney in the San Gabriel Valley.  Mr. Fernandez offers criminal law and personal injury professional legal services. 

Raudel's interest in the law became evident early in his life.  Prior to attending law school, Mr. Fernandez volunteered in various legal clinics primarily serving low-income litigants.  Here he obtained first-hand experience and learned the extent and limitations of the legal system.


In law school, Mr. Fernandez joined the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office to attain an inside perspective as to how the criminal justice system prosecutes.  It was clear to Mr. Fernandez that the only way a defendant could get a fair disposition, was with the assistance of a skillful criminal defense lawyer.  His participation at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office developed into a self-commitment to become a lawyer for those who were accused of a criminal offense. 


Mr. Fernandez graduated from Glendale University College of Law in May of 2013 and passed the California Bar Examination in July of the same year. He understood that in order to be a zealous advocate for clients, it was necessary to open a law practice.  Soon, Mr. Fernandez found himself representing Defendants in criminal court as well as Plaintiffs in civil litigation.  


Raudel Fernandez's mission is simple.  To help his clients navigate the legal landscape and to balance the scales of justice.  Today there is no case too small or too big that Mr. Fernandez won't take head on and fully dedicate himself to.     



         Raudel Fernandez


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